Thanks for stopping by my website and for thinking about taking the classes I offer. They are easy-going and designed to facilitate physical and mental wellness and community.  All are invited to attend these classes - adults of all ages, teens, and younger children who are interested. I hope you find something that's useful to you!

I draw on over 40 years of teaching and studying yoga, meditation, dance, tai chi, and fitness to students of diverse backgrounds, ages, and abilities. My intention is that my classes facilitate a sense of community, decrease stress, increase creativity, and improve mind-body wellness, using a variety of mindful movement and meditation forms. My focus is on teaching participants how to modify movement to address their personal needs and goals. 

 This includes: 

If you are a beginner or someone returning to exercise, you may look forward to gradually building strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, agility, and confidence in your physical and mental abilities.

If you are a more experienced mover, you might appreciate these classes as an addition to your existing training schedule, an option for your "easy-day" workout, or a chance to slow down and reflect on your movement/mind in the name of wellness maintenance and/or injury prevention.

Everyone may notice that a single class brings a feeling of rejuvenation. However, please note that more profound benefits come from consistent practice over time. With that in mind, I encourage you to cultivate a variety of enjoyable movement and meditation forms to keep your body and mind healthy for the long haul...in my classes or elsewhere. 

Please be sure to consult your medical professional for exercise safety guidelines specific to you, as needed. I am not a medical doctor.

Do you have questions/concerns about any of the classes offered? If so, please email me for clarification and guidance in selecting the right class for your current needs. 

Looking forward to meeting you,


(Pronounced"Jeannie", she/her)

Jeanne-Marie Hughes, Ph.D.

Special Thanks - For your support over the covid years - Alex, Jeff S., Jan, Jenny, Lynn H., Lynn R., Pat, Pauline, Phil, Tai, Yinn, Sophia, Fiona.

Please Note - I maintain this website myself and appreciate feedback about anything that needs fixing!

Class Descriptions

See the Schedule for current offerings. 

Not all classes are offered year-round.

Mind-Body Health

Writing Practice

Movement & Pain Relief

Mindful Cardio


Beginning Yoga 

Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation, "Yogic Sleep")

Yoga & Yoga Nidra/Relaxation 

-20-30 minutes of postures

-20-30 minutes of yoga nidra/relaxation

-15-20 minutes of breathing exercises, meditation

Breathing and Meditation

Accessible Yoga

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

Tai Chi Chih

Folk, Line, and Social Partner Dance 

San Francisco State University (SFSU)

This undergraduate general education survey course introduces students to human anatomy and physiology, the basic principles of exercise and wellness, the use of the scientific method to create and refine knowledge, and the benefits and limitations of wellness practices around the world. This course blends physical movement and fitness training with academic skills such as critical reading, research, and scholarly presentation. Movement forms studied include yoga (poses, breathing, meditation), tai chi chih, walking meditation, international folk/ethnic dance, various approaches to fitness, and forms of movement students undertake. Design, implement, and evaluate your own 8-week Wellness Plan. Research a wellness topic of interest to you.

Private and/or Customized Group Classes and Events

Email me to express interest in private or customized classes or events for all ages and abilities. 

Past Events: Spring 2023 Dance Parties at CCSF!

Fundraisers for CCSF Dance Program!

Social partner dance parties, with an emphasis on Salsa and Latin Dances, with some line dances, guest teachers, absolute beginner lesson, and if we're lucky, intermediate lesson and some live music. Masks required. 

All parties are from 2-5 pm in CCSF Wellness 301.

Lesson for each party 2:30-3 pm in CCSF Wellness 307.

$10.00 in advance ($12.09 with processing fee), $13.00 at party.

·   Saturday, February 25

·   Saturday, March 18

·   Saturday, April 15

·   Saturday, May 13


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